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Real Estate

AEP EUROPE Real Estate provides real estate consultancy services focused on customer satisfaction. AEP EUROPE Real Estate, which has a rich portfolio throughout Türkiye, especially in Istanbul, offers numerous solutions for both individual and corporate commercial real estate, with a clear focus on meeting the existing needs.

AEP EUROPE Real Estate, which carries out all the works in the process after the healthy analysis of the real estate needs of individuals or institutions, in line with this analysis, is fast, accurate and solution-oriented, has transparent working principles in sales and rental transactions. Real value determination, which is one of the most important issues on the part of real estate owners, is carried out with the same professionalism in all areas, both individual and corporate, with expert real estate consultants and contracted solution partners.
Honesty and being solution-oriented are among the main principles of AEP EUROPE Real Estate.

Types of Real Estate; Housing, Land, Urban Land, Business Center, Plaza, Office, Hotel, Holiday Village, Touristic Facility, Shopping Center, Hospital, Health Facilities, Education Facility, Entertainment Center, Factory, Workshop and Production Facility, Storage Area, Logistics Facility, Fuel Station, Filling Facility, Refinery, Port, Marina, Shipyard, Timeshare, Energy Facility, Mining.

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