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Urban Transformation

AEP EUROPE Urban Transformation, which provides turnkey services in urban transformation projects with its industry-leading solution partners, brings the project development area to the stage where construction companies can directly start the project. In the same way, AEP EUROPE Urban Transformation, which provides information and guidance to the right holders in the region whose declaration has been approved as an urban transformation area, ensures that they protect their rights, and creates a bridge of trust between the beneficiary and the producer.


  • Creating an earthquake risk report and getting approval from the Ministry,

  • Preparation of building co-decision protocol,

  • Legal information within the framework of the urban transformation law,

  • Preparation of license projects, quantity surveys, tender dossiers for building construction and reinforcement applications, and issuing licenses and permits,

  • Issuing occupied flat titles after the completion of the construction project,

  • Preparation of all necessary contracts for buildings within the urban transformation process

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